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Fun Facts about Limo

May 17, 2017 / 0 Comments / 512 /
Fun Facts
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In New Jersey, the limo has been widely accepted by the society. It is no longer exclusive only for rich businessmen, movie stars and public figures. Nowadays, people are hiring New jersey limo for various events like birthday party, wedding ceremony, hen parties, and much more. Thanks to many reputable limo companies in New Jersey, hiring limo has become easier than ever.  Sometimes, you are wondering how limo can be used by average people. Or how to book the right limo for you. Or perhaps you don’t understand the limo industry at all. Here are the fun facts which you need to know to know New Jersey limo better.

The Origin of the word “Limo”

Although limo is popularly known in the US, its origin is France. “Limousine” is the name of a region of France. It is also a name of protecting cap which covers all the compartments of the vehicle. The hood was called as “limo”, and soon after, the vehicle itself was called as the same name. Although there is no authentic proof to confirm the story. Many people in the limo industry get stuck to this story and believe it.

Limo Is Not A Brand Name

Some folks have considered it as a brand of the vehicle. Well, the limo is not the name of the vehicle brand. Rather, it refers to a group of certain vehicles which come with special features and characteristics. Limo vehicles are usually larger than conventional cars and there are compartments which separate the passenger’s seats and driver’s seat. These are made to protect the passengers’ maximum privacy. In the modern limo, the compartments are totally gaped by the sound proofs. The passengers and the driver will use an intercom to communicate.

Limo Is Not Only Stretch Limo

When we talk about the limo, some of us imagine that stretch limo. The truth is that limos have different types including limo stretch, New Jersey party bus, SUV, motor coach, etc. Based on the look, a limo can be divided into two types: modern and traditional limo. Traditional limo usually comes as saloon car or stretch limo. The modern limos are mostly customized ones.

Stretch Limo Is Not From France

Although world honors “limo” from France, the very first stretch limo was introduced in 1928 at Arkansas, South of US. At that time, popular big bands were the regular customers of stretch limo service. Stretch limos have opted because they could cater larger groups of people as well as carry band equipment and instruments.