The Sensible Reasons to Tip Your Limo Chauffeur

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The Sensible Reasons to Tip Your Limo Chauffeur

January 22, 2018 / 0 Comments / 123 /
Tip Your Limo Chauffeur
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Planning for your trip and vacation will require the adequate amount of resources. If you are planning to with comfort and style, there is nothing better than New Jersey Limo. The professional chauffeur will deliver the great transportation service which can make your visit in New Jersey more memorable.

When the chauffeur delivers such good service, you will want to give some extra money to your chauffeur. Normally, you won’t hesitate to tip to waiters. But since it is your first time in riding the New Jersey Limo, you might question the grounds of giving the tips to your driver.

First things first, you need to understand that tipping is the social etiquettes that have happened for years. In most cases, it is a great way to express your satisfaction with the best service deliverance. You know what you can expect from hiring the limo service. Chauffeurs greet you with their best smile, take your luggage and handle the transportation with the great care.

The moment you get on the limo, the chauffeur will have the refreshment items for you, consider your taste of music, drop you at the destination on time, and keep you safe while riding the limo. The chauffeur is sworn to give the best when it comes to the client’s necessities. If you think that your chauffeur has done the really great job in his service, you won’t need to hesitate to tip the driver. How much you will tip the driver will depend on how much you are happy with the service. The tip should be around 10% up to 20% of the limo services fees. The amount of the tip will be your own discretion. You should be able to assess the quality of the service by yourself.

With these guidelines, you will be the expert in tipping your chauffeur.

Some companies already include the amount of the chauffeur’s tip on your bill. So, when it happens, you don’t need to give more tip to your driver. But again, it is your own discretion. If you think that it is cool to give him tip, then you could do it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be respectful with the chauffeur when you give the tip to him. Tipping with respect is a much better way to express your gratitude.

If you are not really sure whether you must give tip to your chauffeur or not, you may consider few factors below:

–    Was the chauffeur professional in delivering the services?

–    Was he driving safely?

–    Was he punctual

–    Was he polite?

–    And so on.

If he can meet your requirement and win over your satisfaction level. Giving him gratuity is a completely fair thing to do.