1956 Excalibur

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1956 Excalibur

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  • 1956 Excalibur

Wedding in New Jersey with the classic and stylish ride? Why not?

They say that classic limo is better than modern limo for wedding. Although it is relative, Well, we can’t agree more. It is your liberty to treat yourself and couple with a classic ride. Imagine white limo which will make an interesting presentation of your wedding day. There is also plenty of space inside so that your ride will be comfortable and fun.

Unlike regular stretch and modern limo, classic limo which we provide can stand out of the crowd. For instance, the Excalibur appearances are the bold exterior design, which is surprisingly awesome. In many cases, it made heads turned to our limo. That is one of the reasons why we keep offering service like this. Not to mention that this might be suitable with your taste and personal interest. This antique limo is indeed irreplaceable. So why not add this to enhance your wedding experience?

The 1956 Excalibur is here to honor the bride and groom. We understand that wedding day is one of the most important marks in your life. That’s why we want to make it really special for you.

As a start, we offer you special pricing for 3-hour package. So contact us now before someone else book.

When you use our service, you can expect everything to be as worth your money. Not only stylish Excalibur limo, but also courteous chauffeur with formal tuxedo which praises your wedding event. Sure, you are important to us. That’s why we want to present the best from us.

This antique limo will make a great transportation choice also for your other events like fine dinner, prom, and others. If you are looking for something exotic and different, our vehicle is the top option.

It is your wedding day. Everything is checked, except your white Excalibur. So don’t forget to contact us months or weeks prior to your sacred day. We are wholeheartedly providing the best for bride and groom. Such classic and the elegant ride are rare for some people. But not if you have the special day in the future. So make sure you make a perfect choice, which is hiring us. Don’t hesitate to reach us and discuss what you require. Our representatives will come up with the best price and package for you.